Welcome to ShopForStJoes.com - a unique fundraising program built for St. Joseph School in Needham Mass.  A percentage of any purchase made through this site will go back to St. Joes.  There is no tracking or special codes (other than great discount codes) to use.  Just click on the links and help support the fundraising efforts at St. Joes.  If you have favorite online merchants and do not see them listed, just send an email with the name of the merchant to abc@xyz.  

How to use the site:

Just click on the shopping categories on the left, find a merchant that you would like to buy from and click the link.  The rest is simple.  Each link has a special code which will provide attribution back to St. Joes and will allow us to track commissions generated. 

More text to come here....note from Liz O. 

Here is a sample of some of the merchants you will find in the site. 

BEST GIFTS BEST PRICES FROM THE LIGHTER SIDE Lens.com Business.com Directory Listing

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